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AMfree Investment Company


The core of its values and principles lies in the competent leadership of its division managers, the wealth of experience of its manpower, and fair enterprise in spite its position amid the current competition. Amfree Investment Company has a lot of sectors it manages across the African continent. Our sectors includes:

  • Development
  • Constracting and Construction
  • Real Estate
  • Hotels
  • Hospitality
  • Farming and Fishing
  • Manufacturing
  • Education

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AMfree Online Services Limited

This subsidiary of Amfree Group of Companies with our team of software engineers deliver new 100% digital online services or online services that are complementary to your traditional offering to stand out from the competition and to quickly raise the satisfaction of your customers.

Give your patrons real-time access to personalised information (orders, project tracking, requests and applications, etc.) and offer them greater responsiveness!

Set up a new innovative business model that incorporates mobile applications or ergonomic high-performance web portals to simplify communication and step up the online experience of your users.

Content strategy

The consistency of a website requires a clear definition of the target audience, the content, the medium and the frequency of dissemination. We place a premium on training the spotlight on personalising the customer experience. 

Information architecture

Easy and intuitive navigation means striking the right balance between what your audience is looking for and what you would like them to find. We take time to think about the best way to organise and present your content on your website(s).


Keeping your management system up to date with the latest technology developments is must to ensure the continued efficiency and performance of your digital presence. We put in place a flexible and modular solution that facilitates the ongoing inclusion of new content.

Mobile & web development

Making sure your offering effectively reaches your target audience is paramount for success, regardless of channel. We provide website and mobile application design and restyling services to ensure heightened flexibility.

Social media

We help you strengthen broad-based awareness of your brand on social media, through the promotion of your products or services and the dissemination of advertising content on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Search engine optimization

Showing up on the first page of a search engine is essential for your ROI. We help you optimise the content of your web pages in order to raise the visibility of your site and to generate quality traffic.

AMfree Biotech Company

Amfree Biotech Company is a leading medical company operating in Ghana and in the Africa markets. Started in March, 2018, the company operates six business units which are Molecular Diagnostics, Medical Laboratory, Medical Supplies, Medical Consumables, Radiology Equipment and Biomedical Engineering Services. Our diversified business portfolios have propelled the company to become a healthy profit-generating company.


To be recognized as a leader offering quality and affordable healthcare products and services


To become the leading medical company in Africa offering the widest range of medical solutions and providing a superior financial return to our shareholders


We adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards towards all our stakeholders. We are strongly committed to advancing healthcare excellence by offering reliable, quality and affordable medical services and products.  

Medical Supply

An emerging leader marketing and distributing affordable and quality medical products. Our strategic assets such as global market experience and local operational infrastructure enable us to enjoy a leadership position in our markets. With our Strategic Global Partners, we pride ourselves of offering the broadest and deepest selections of medical products such as:

  • Radiology Equipment (MRI, CT-Scan, X-Ray, Mammography, Ultrasound)
  • Laboratory Equipment (Hematology & Chemistry Analyzers)
  • Medical Consumables
  • Laboratory Consumables & Reagents
  • IVD/Rapid Diagnostic Test Strips & Cards
  • Molecular Diagnostics

Biomedical Engineering Services

We employ highly trained and experienced Biomedical Engineers to provide superior equipment installation, maintenance and repair solutions to our customers.

We service all brands and welcome OEM contract services.

Serving in the industry for past 2 years

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